Blue Light Protection


UV and Digital Device Protection

Most likely, you’re one of the millions of people who spend their days working on their computer, scrolling through their phone, or watching shows on their tablet. With greater access to information online, it seems as if the majority of our time is spent using digital devices. The increase in the use of digital technology has also increased our exposure to potentially harmful blue light.

While a certain amount of blue light is vital to maintaining our circadian rhythm (the cycle that tells our body when to sleep and wake up), overexposure to blue light can lead to eye strain​​, eye fatigue, and disruption in normal sleeping patterns​​. For these reasons, your eyes need protection now more than ever before.

The solution to reducing your exposure to blue light is KODAK Total Blue®, the most advanced blue light technology on the market. KODAK Total Blue® is revolutionizing the computer glasses scene by providing lenses that offer 100% protection from UV rays and filter out harmful high energy visible (HEV) blue light.

While filtering out harmful blue light, KODAK Total Blue® lenses allow low energy blue light to pass through the eye. This low energy blue light is essential for true color perception and sleep cycle rhythms.

If your day includes continuous exposure to HEV blue light sources like your laptop, phone, tablet, television, and even fluorescent and LED lighting, then KODAK Total Blue® is the choice for you.

Benefits of KODAK Total Blue® Lenses

  • 100% protection from direct UV light
  • Filters out harmful HEV blue light
  • Exceptional color vision (no amber-tinted lenses)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Glare reduction
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be worn day and night

Get the digital protection you need with KODAK Total Blue® and bluwinx. We proudly fit all of our frames with KODAK Total Blue® lenses including non-prescription, prescription, and readers, so that everyone can benefit from blue light protection.

View our collection to find your perfect pair of​ blue light glasses​.

bluwinx is proud to offer premium eyewear complete with KODAK Total Blue® Lens technology for maximum filtration of blue light.

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