How Sleep May Help You Fight Coronavirus

As we struggle to wrap our heads around the new normal, the coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic has motivated many people to explore all of the different ways they can protect themselves.

What is blue light?

Throughout the day, we encounter many different forms of light: sunlight (direct or that gross, gloomy one), the light that comes on when we flip the light switch, or that white one that comes from our laptops and phones.

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

Computer glasses and blue light filters are hitting the market at rapid speed, but do they actually  work? It is not uncommon for adults to reach up to 10 hours of screen time a day. More

Digital Eye Strain is Killing Your Eyes

While professionals still explore all the effects of the digital age on our health, all experts and studies agree on one thing. In essence, the amount of time we spend on digital devices is destroying our eyesight.
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