FAQs About Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses seem to be all people talk about these days.

The amount of time we spend using digital devices has got some people wondering if too much screen time could be contributing to

How Blue Light Affects Mental Health

Generally speaking, blue light is a healthy, and even necessary component of everyday life.

Up until artificial lighting became widespread, most people’s sleep cycles aligned with the rising and falling of the sun. The sun

Blue Light Glasses vs. Night Mode

We’ve all heard that too much blue light can be detrimental to our health. Spending nearly all day and night using digital devices can cause symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, watery eyes, and even sleepless nights.

3 Reasons Why Blue Light is Bad for You

Everywhere you look, your eyes are met with blue light.

Whether it’s coming from your phone, your laptop, your tablet, or even the sun, blue light is all around us.

However, what

Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches?

Real talk - you were getting plenty of blue light even before this new digital life. 

Most of the blue light comes from the sun. However, devices like television, smartphones, laptops, and tablets that you

Why You Should Wear Blue Light Glasses While Gaming

Technology is a significant part of our daily routines. From work hours to leisure time, we're heavily using digital screens daily.

If gaming is one of your favorite free-time activities, you're probably using different types

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