FAQs About Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses seem to be all people talk about these days.

The amount of time we spend using digital devices has got some people wondering if too much screen time could be contributing to

How Blue Light Affects Mental Health

Generally speaking, blue light is a healthy, and even necessary component of everyday life.

Up until artificial lighting became widespread, most people’s sleep cycles aligned with the rising and falling of the sun. The sun

Sleep Tips for Athletes

Sleep is amazingly mysterious and crucial to people's health and well-being.

For this reason, scientists continue to study and analyze sleep as though it is still an entirely new discovery.

After a

What Is Eye Strain?: Effects and Treatment

Spending endless hours on the computer, using our phones, reading on our tablets, or binge-watching shows on Netflix seem like completely harmless activities.

Most people would agree that they are pretty relaxing activities!

Blue Light Glasses vs. Night Mode

We’ve all heard that too much blue light can be detrimental to our health. Spending nearly all day and night using digital devices can cause symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, watery eyes, and even sleepless nights.

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