Clear Blue Light Glasses vs. Tinted Blue Light Glasses

Digital screens are becoming an inescapable part of modern life.

You use digital screens while you work, play, and read, which might explain why there’s so much commotion going on about blue light, how it affects our bodies, and, of course, blue light glasses.

Here are some common questions many people have about blue light glasses:

  • Can blue light glasses protect you from blue light?
  • Where to buy blue light glasses?
  • How do blue light blocking glasses work?
  • Do clear blue light glasses work the same way that amber tinted glasses do?

You can easily find the answers to the first three questions on our blog. Today we’re going to be discussing the last question on the list: Do clear blue light glasses work the same way that amber tinted glasses do? 

Blue Light Glasses With or Without Tint

There are a number of questions one might have when considering blue light blocking glasses. Should blue light glasses have a yellow, red, or orange tint? What is the purpose of tinted lenses? What if you opt for clear blue light glasses? 

Tinted Blue Light Glasses

There are blue light computer glasses that come with vibrant yellow or amber tinted lenses. Some companies that sell blue light glasses with tinted lenses claim that only tinted glasses can help you filter blue light and improve your sleep. The purpose of tinted blue blockers is to filter the blue rays from the blue light spectrum while looking at a digital screen during the evening.

The downside of blue light glasses with an amber or yellow tint is that these lenses are not subtle. The higher the intensity of the colored coating, the less these glasses are suitable for wearing throughout the day.

Suppose your work consists of developing creative solutions such as marketing, graphic design, UX/UI design, photography, videography, print, etc. In that case, by wearing tinted blue light glasses, you’ll eventually stumble across the issue of color distortion. The photo, video, or graphics produced may result in slightly different colors than intended. Such situations can leave you working longer and feeling more stressed. 

Yellow-tinted blue light glasses will even distort the colors of your favorite show. If you’re a gamer, do you want your glasses to distort the quality of colors and graphics of your favorite video game?

Clear Blue Light Glasses 

When blue light blocking lenses were first produced, they all contained slightly yellow-tinted lenses that were very noticeable to the naked eye. Over time, blue light filtering technology has evolved to the point that the amber coating placed on lenses to filter blue light is no longer necessary.

Clear blue light glasses, such as bluwinx, offer the same (sometimes even higher) blue light filtration as yellow-tinted glasses. bluwinx clear blue light glasses are made with premium bwgf lens technology that delivers maximum protection against blue light – up to 80% of HEV blue light filtration.

This means that you will be able to work more productively at night without impairing your brain, focus, and sleep. While wearing clear blue light glasses, you won’t have to worry about color distortions, possible design mistakes, or spending extra time making corrections.

Since bluwinx clear blue light glasses have no yellow coating, they are a perfect fit for wearing during the daytime while taking a walk in the sun. The blue light filtering properties of bluwinx glasses are infused into the lenses, not coated. They can also be an excellent option for reading, whether you enjoy reading on a Kindle, iPad, or even paperback book.

bluwinx clear blue light glasses offer 100% UV protection and do not distort color perception. bluwinx glasses can be ordered in prescription, non-prescription, and readers.

To Conclude:

If your only goal is to protect your eyes during evening screen time and your work isn’t color or graphic-related, there is nothing wrong with purchasing blue light glasses that have an amber coating. 

If you wish to protect your eyes during both day and night, opt for clear blue light glasses with quality lens technology. Clear blue light glasses are the ideal option for protecting your brain from blue light and decreasing the negative effects it has on your sleep without distorting the image in front of you. 

Our team at bluwinx believes that you have the right to a good night’s sleep. That’s why we offer fashionable frames with bwgf Lens technology that provides unsurpassed protection against harmful blue-violet light.

If you are interested in learning more about blue light, visit our blog, and read more about blue light and sleep-related topics.

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