Why Blue Light Glasses Should Be On Your Back-to-School List

Pencils…notebooks…highlighters…and blue light glasses?

As summer begins to wind down and students and teachers prepare to go back to school, many will still find themselves teaching and learning from remote classrooms.

Let’s face it.

2020 really threw us a curveball, and most of our lives have migrated from being physically present to the digital world.

Whether you are going back to the classroom this year or not, chances are a large chunk of your time will be spent using digital devices. Everything from taking notes to doing homework or rewatching lectures is nowadays done using a laptop or tablet.

And while being digitally connected is both convenient and exciting, too much screen time could be taking a toll on your health.

So while you’re putting together your shopping list, you might want to consider adding blue light glasses.

In this post, we’re breaking down why blue light glasses should be on your back-to-school list and how both teachers and students can benefit from them.

Why Blue Light Glasses Should Be On Your Back-to-School List

What is blue light?

You might be familiar with blue light already, but if you’re not, here’s a quick refresh:

Blue light is the light emitted from digital devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and even overhead fluorescent lighting.

This type of light is actually good — in small amounts. Your body needs blue light in order to function properly. It tells your internal clock when to feel tired and go to bed, and when to wake up in the morning.

However, overexposure to blue light (thanks to all those extra hours we spend using digital devices) can cause tired eyes, neck pain, and even sleep issues like insomnia.

Why Do Students Need Blue Light Glasses

Students spend a lot of time learning and doing homework on digital devices. Whether they take notes on a tablet at school, watch lessons online from the kitchen table, or write their final paper on a laptop, students of all ages are constantly interacting with digital devices.

And if we’re being honest, they’re probably using their digital devices for more than just schoolwork. Think — video games, YouTube, Netflix, social media, and more.

All of this screen time could be contributing to health issues like dry or watery eyes, difficulty concentrating, headaches, and insomnia. These side effects caused by blue light could have a negative impact on a student’s performance in school. 

With inadequate sleep or the inability to concentrate on schoolwork, students could suffer from mood swings, memory impairment, and even compromised physical performance.

While studies are still being conducted on the effectiveness of blue light glasses, many eye doctors still recommend them, so it can’t hurt to add them to your back-to-school list!

Why Do Teachers Need Blue Light Glasses

Teachers, just like students, spend a lot of time using digital devices.

Whether they are using them as a supplement to their lessons, entering grades for report cards, or reading papers submitted online, teachers spend a lot of time looking at screens.

Moreover, with the explosion of distance learning, many teachers exclusively teach online through platforms like Outschool, VIPKid, Magic Ears, and others. This means that teachers are spending their entire workday in front of a digital screen!

For this reason, it is important for teachers to protect their eyes from all of that extra blue light they are exposed to during the school day.

So if you are a teacher preparing to kick off the school year in a few weeks, you should consider adding blue light glasses to your back-to-school list.

Final Thoughts: Why Blue Light Glasses Should Be On Your Back-to-School List

If you’re a teacher, student, or parent wondering why blue light glasses should be on your back-to-school list, remember that too much blue light can cause unwanted side effects like dry eyes, neck pain, and even insomnia.

These side effects can cause more serious issues like the inability to concentrate, or even worse, negatively impact your performance in the classroom.

To set yourself up for success this school year, you should definitely consider adding blue light glasses to your back-to-school list.

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